Friday, 18 Jun 2021

Fugitive pedophile who raped friend's daughter, 6, is jailed for 288 years

A fugitive pedophile who went on the run has finally been brought to justice and jailed for 288 years for raping his friend’s six year-old daughter. Apollo Ray Johnsen, 57, was ordered to remain in jail until the year 2308 at a court hearing in San Jose, California, on Monday after he targeted the child over a 10 year period.

Johnsen began raping the youngster in 2005, when she was six years old, and continued with the sex attacks until she was 16. He was arrested a year later, in 2016.

But the pervert managed to flee to the Dominican Republic in the middle of his 2019 trial after being granted a recess for a medical procedure while on $1million bond.

Once there, he reverted back to using his original Christian name – Dennis Ray Johnsen – and remained incognito until befriending a man whose wife ‘got a weird vibe off him.’ The unnamed woman was disturbed by Johnsen’s mannerisms after he came over to her house for dinner, and looked him up online.

She quickly discovered his fugitive status, and reported him to police. Johnsen was detained by local authorities shortly afterwards, and extradited back to the US several weeks later.

Prosecutor Jason Malinsky called the woman who busted Johnsen ‘a hero of the story,’ and said she had shunned credit for her help. Malinsky told a court how the woman had sent him a note saying: ‘You don’t have to say thank you. I AM A MOTHER.

‘We are not all pure and have mistakes, but you can’t close your eyes to that.’

Johnsen’s re-scheduled trial was further delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, with Malinsky saying the victim and her family were relieved he had finally been brought to justice.

The pervert was convicted of multiple rapes and child sexual assaults.

Malinsky told the East Bay Times: ‘It was a long and terrible journey she had to go through.

‘Delay after delay, convicting him in absentia, then we finally find him, then delayed yet again…it tore the family apart, and now they have a chance to start healing and put this behind him, a real sense of closure and relief.’

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