Monday, 21 Sep 2020

Distressed mum of Faye Swetlik, 6, reports daughter missing in chilling 911 call

A chilling 911 call from the mum of a six-year-old schoolgirl who went missing before being found dead three days later has been released.

Faye Swetlik was reported missing on Monday about an hour after returning from school and her body was found three days later in a wooded area near her home in South Carolina, US.

Later the same day, police found Faye's neighbour, 30-year-old Coty Taylor, dead in his home and said the two cases are linked but they are not sure exactly how.

Police have now released the recording in bids to find out Taylor's whereabouts.

Faye's mum, Selena Collins, can be heard sobbing while asking the officers for help.

She said: "We can't find my daughter. She was playing outside and now I can't find her.

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A call handler from Lexington Police Department tried to calm her down ad asked for details about Faye.

"How old is she?" she asked.

Selena answered: "She is six, she will be seven in June."

The police officer then calls in Cayce PD to assist and said: "I'm gonna stay on the line with you, so I'm gonna get Cayce PD on the line too, so don't hang up, okay?"

After Selena gave the details of the address and name of the child, the Cayce PD asked what was Faye wearing.

Selena tried to hold back her tears and replied: "She was wearing polka-dotted rain boots, a flowered skirt (pink rose skirt), a black t-shirt that has a neon design on it."

Faye's mum further explained, saying that her daughter was 3ft 10in tall and weighed about 65 lbs.

The officer asked to confirm Faye's last moment and said: "You last saw her in the front yard, you didn't see which way she went or anything like that?"

Selena answered: "No, she was right in front of my front porch."

She added that she had walked around and tried to locate her.

"I checked all the houses in my neighbourhood and anybody that's actually answered is out looking for her too," she added.

A Cayce Department of Public Safety spokesperson told a press conference this afternoon that Faye's body had been found and identified by a coroner.

He said her death is being treated as a homicide but no arrests have been made yet.

They also said they do not believe there is any danger to the community, who had worked hard to try and find Faye.

An investigation into the deceased male found during the investigation has begun, the press conference heard.

"Thanks to your tips, the Chevrolet Trailblazer has been identified but investigators are still seeking information about the silver vehicle in the photos in this post.

"Please call the Faye Swetlik Hotline at 803-205-4444 with information."

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