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Corus Kingston Clothes for Kids campaign needs over 650 snowsuits to meet demand

Corus Kingston’s Clothes for Kids campaign has received half of the donations it needs for the year but still needs more donations to meet demand.

The campaign, which is currently in its 30th year, invites people to donate snowsuits or money for the purchase of winterwear for children in the area.

This year, Corus Kingston’s 20 participating agencies, along with the local Catholic and public school boards, requested over 1,700 snowsuits for families in the area.

According to Amy Knapp, sales co-ordinator at Corus Kingston, it takes over $100,000 to make Clothes for Kids a success each year.

“This year, we are still short around $50,000,” Knapp said. That translates to about 652 snowsuits. Nevertheless, Knapp said this year’s campaign has received a number of generous donations.

Recently, an anonymous donor mailed $3,000 to the Corus building on Queen Street.

Kinsmen TV Bingo donated $5,000 for the campaign and Leon’s in Kingston and Brockville are donating 5 per cent of all Black Friday sales to Clothes for Kids.

Smaller donations have also helped the campaign inch closer to its goal this year, Knapp said.

A five-year-old named Finn came to the Corus building with his mom to drop off $20, and an elderly woman dropped off $5 because she wanted to contribute.

For her part, Celia Glover, 88, donated 200 pairs of hand-knitted mittens to Corus this year. Since 2012, Glover has knitted 800 pairs of mittens for the Clothes for Kids campaign.

“Mom enjoys making each pair of mitts different,” said Bonnie Holtz, Glover’s daughter. “She remembers when she, as a young child, had very cold hands. She hopes that her mitts help to keep some child’s hands warm.”

Celia Glover hand-knits mittens for Kingston Clothes for Kids campaign. She has donated 800 mitts to the Corus since 2012.

“We have had lots of donations start to roll in now that the cold weather is here and every dollar counts,” said Knapp. “With monetary donations, we can order the exact sizes needed.”

Knapp says the campaign is short on the following sizes — boys and girls sizes: 2T, 3T 4/5, 6/7, 8/9, 10/12, 14/16.

Knapp also wanted to thank all who volunteered their help, including Cintas in Kingston, who helped with several deliveries of snowsuits to local school boards.

Knapp also said Kingston Community Credit Union “have gone above and beyond,” including going to a person’s home who couldn’t leave the house to pick up a cash donation and hand-knitted hats.

If you’d like to donate, see how you can here.

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