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South African man cycles to doctor with knife stuck in head after being attacked

A man somehow managed to cycle to see a doctor after an attack left a knife thrust deep into his head.

Mr Shaun Wayne, 34, had been attacked by two men on his way to work in Strand near Cape Town, Africa, on Monday (Nov 19).

The attackers tried to grab his bicycle, yet somehow, Mr Wayne managed to fend them off with the six-inch blade still lodged in his head, according to the Daily Mail.

The sushi restaurant employee then cycled about 800m to see his local general practitioner.

“He asked very politely if we had a doctor free to see him,” said Dr Brendan Venter, 48. “He was very calm and lucid although bleeding a lot,” he added.

Mr Wayne underwent emergency surgery at Tygerberg Hospital, after which a hospital spokesman confirmed he was “stable”, reported the Daily Mail.

Dr Venter said: “(Mr Wayne) was very lucky in that although the knife was plunged into his skull, it bent on impact with the bone and the blade went down his face outside the skull.”

Photographs of Mr Wayne, one of him looking calm while bleeding from the knife in his head at the doctor’s and another of an X-ray of his head, have made the rounds on social media.

They were uploaded to Facebook on Tuesday by former South African cycling championWimpie van der Merwe, 61, who said he was also attacked while with his cycling partner in the same place a week before.

On Wednesday, his work acquaintance Herman Payne commented on the post that Mr Wayne was out of surgery and had the knife removed. He is currently warded for observation.

He added that Mr Wayne’s mother said the doctor told her that they did not see any permanent damage so far.

This is not the first time people have made the news after surviving a knife stab to the head.

In 2015, CNN reported that a 39-year-old Brazilian man was stabbed in the head during an argument in a bar. It took him three hours to arrive at the hospital, but he was unaware that the knife had been stuck in his head the whole time.

A Daily Mail report in 2013 said that a Chinese man arrived at the hospital with a fruit knife stuck to his head, and had climbed five flights of stairs because the lift was full.

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