Monday, 21 Oct 2019

Meghan Markle shock: Piers Morgan DEFENDS duchess after ‘mean-spirited’ abuse

The outspoken TV host, whose rants about the American royal have seen him rack up 6.71million Twitter followers, penned a 10-point guide to help the 37-year-old become more favourable in the eye of the British public after she was widely trolled for the way she carried her newborn Archie – after banning Wimbledon attendees from taking her picture. Writing for the Mail Online, he said: “A strange emotion overcame me this morning: I actually felt sorry for Meghan Markle. “As I’ve made clear, perhaps too many times, I’m not a massive fan of my one-time friend after she rudely ghosted me since she met Prince Harry.

“But when I read the vicious reaction to photos of her awkwardly carrying her new baby son Archie at a polo match, a surprising pang of sympathy welled up inside me.

“She’s only been a mother for a few weeks.

“I’m sure there are plenty of similar pictures of me in the family archives having similar issues carrying my first-born son.

“But by the time my daughter arrived, 20 years later, I could carry her like with the business-like elegance of Mary Poppins.

“So I didn’t share the gleeful abuse meted out to Meghan for not carrying Archie in a perfect manner.

“In fact, I thought the attacks on her were mean-spirited and horrible.”

Examples of some of the comments aimed at the former Suits actress were that Meghan was “about to drop” little Archie.

Another Instagram commenter said: “She should have put a hat and socks on the poor baby! She is also not able to hold the baby!”

Another added: “The way little Archie is being held. Scary.”

A fifth commenter said: “You can tell she doesn’t even take care of her own kid. What kind of mother holds their baby like that!?”

Piers gave her 10 tips to help her win over the British public, such as “stop bleating about privacy”, “stop showing off” and “pack in your on-going PR campaign in the US media”.

Meghan was pictured awkwardly holding Archie, born May 6, while Prince Harry played polo with brother William.

The tot had a onesie on while Meghan appeared to transfer his weight from one arm to the next.

The pictures came after she was reported to have banned Wimbledon fans from taking their own pictures of her at the event last week.

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