Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Farage launches attack on EU for British Steel COLLAPSE – 25,000 jobs at risk

The Brexit Party leader blamed the European Emissions Trading Scheme for the collapse of British Steel, which is likely put around 25,000 jobs within the UK steel industry at risk. During a heated European elections debate with Lib Dem leader Vince Cable for The Telegraph, Mr Farage claimed the company was propelled into financial difficulties […]

Royal ROW: The ONE thing Prince William HATES about being a royal revealed

The Duke of Cambridge does not like “special treatment” and wanted to live as normally as possible in his early years. However, special treatment is of course inevitable for a man who will one day be king. In an interview when he was 18 years old and volunteering in Chile, the prince explained why he […]

France admits fears that Brexit will spread to Europe AND cripple EU’s work

Nathalie Loiseau, who is leading Emmanuel Macron’s European election campaign, demanded Britain to not “export its political crisis” over to Europe. She stepped down from her role as France’s Europe minister in order to become Mr Macron’s lead candidate for this week’s European elections. Despite claiming to “respect” the Brexit decision, Ms Loiseau begged British […]

Prince Charles BOMBSHELL: How heir to throne dubbed EU bureaucracy ‘MADDENING’

Convention states that members of the Royal Family are expected to be apolitical in public, meaning they do not vote or state partisan views. According to the Royal Family’s website, the Queen must remain “strictly neutral with respect to political matters” and is “unable to vote or stand for election”. The Prince of Wales must […]

Theresa May’s last Brexit hurrah: PM’s desperate gamble to get deal through

In a concession to Remain campaigners that infuriated Tory Brexiteers, the Prime Minister pledged to give the Commons a chance to trigger a national poll in return for supporting her legislation to smooth the UK’s departure from the EU in “one last chance” to deliver Brexit. She also sought to win over Labour MPs by dangling […]

Nigel Farage’s bitter Brexit rival Guy Verhofstadt writes for

By Guy Verhofstadt These elections will change the European political landscape for the better, in Britain and elsewhere across Europe, the established political orders are being torn up. As is the case in the UK, the old political dominance of Socialists on the left and Christian democrats on the centre-right is in turmoil and this […]

Garda probe after body of man 'with gunshot wounds' found beside car on fire

A MAN’S body has been found beside a car that was set alight in north county Dublin last night. Gardai are investigating the discovery of the man’s body beside the car at Walshestown near Junction 5 on the M1, the Dublin to Belfast motorway. Early indications are that the man had been shot in the […]

Verhofstadt says Farage is more interested in ‘DESTROYING’ Tories than Brexit

Mr Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s Brexit negotiator, claimed it is “unclear” if Mr Farage’s election campaign really focused on Brexit. The former Belgian prime minister, who leads a bloc of liberal MEPs, said the battle between Brexiteers and Remainers would change the political landscape in Britain forever. And Mr Verhofstadt, 66, is predicting an upset […]